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Agaricus blazei Murill is an edible, medicinal mushroom originating from Brazil. It has been traditionally used as a natural treatment against a wide range of diseases, including: cancer, chronic hepatitis and diabetes.

Re-discovered and popularized in the 1960's by Takatoshi Furumoto, Agaricus (later identified as Agaricus blazei Murill by a Belgian botanist Heinemann) was brought to Japan for further scientific research. Its abundance in immunomodulating substances and unique health potential arouse interest of the international medical society.

This website was created in order to share complex information on the medical properties of Agaricus blazei Murill and provide news from the world of scientific research.


The last detcades of studies and clinical trials discovered promising anti-cancer properties of ABM, demonstrating its significant potency in stimulating healthy responses of the immune system. Today new possible applications still remain a subject of ongoing scientific investigation.


Extracts of Agaricus are prepared using various mushroom strains, diverse formulas and in accordance to different protocols; and therefore not all of them exhibit similar properties. Recently conducted scientific comparisons revealed the most promising amongst them.